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Every woman is beautiful in her own way. Accept yourself and love yourself as you are.

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My name is Krittaya or you can call me Adi. I am a founder and author of AdizStyle. I was born and raised in Thailand. Since 2019, I moved to live in Bulgaria, became a mummy of two cats named Garfield (I usually call him Gaga) and Rio. I love writing but I also love to take pictures. So you will see many photos in my blog as well : )





Shop My Favorite Items

Here are some of my favorites items that I would love to share to you.


Sharing my favorite with you – My mission is to provide honest, and helpful reviews. Please keep in mind, products work differently on different skin types. The product that works great for me maybe not fit on you, and vice versa.

My Favorite MIXA Skincare Items - Face Cream & Body Lotion

When the winter arrived, here are the best items that can treat my dry skin from cracking and itching.

Eveline Self-Tanning Mist - Brazilian Body

This is the first time I bought a self-tanning product since I moved here to Bulgaria, and I chose Eveline Cosmetic.


I like to wear makeup not because I have no confidence in myself. Makeup is the art. I am happy to see myself in a different look. Sometimes, it presents my feeling and mood. I love trying new cosmetics and I love sharing my experience with everybody.

Clinique Take The Day Off - Cleansing Balm & Makeup Remover

This cleansing balm from Clinique is one of the best products from the brand, which you should not miss trying.

The Best Mascara of 2020 - Maybelline the Falsies

This is the best mascara which I love and usually use in the year of 2020.

Nail, Hair & Fragrance

Everything about nail, hair and fragrance that you would like to know are here. How to take care of the hair if you have hair loss type? Or what is the nail polish trend for the upcoming year? If you want to get the perfect finish look, never forget to take care of them.

Nail Colors of Winter 2021

I am sharing my favorite nail color which is perfect for the winter and I am sure you will love it.

Yves Rocher Anti Hair-Loss Shampoo & Conditioner

This review is from my experience after using anti-hair loss shampoo and conditioner from Yves Rocher for a month.


I will share everything about beauty tips & tricks that you all wanted to know— favorite accessories, shopping, fashion trend, best outfit for everybody, and more. Please keep in touch to see my new content!

Daniel Wellington - Petite Melrose, Women's Watch

Review classic elegance women’s watch from Daniel Wellington – Petite Melrose collection and all accessories.

7 Best Online Beauty Stores in Bulgaria as Recommended by Beauty Blogger

I am sharing my favorite online beauty stores in Bulgaria which I usually buy cosmetics and skincare.


Every journey has a beginning. The world is amazing. I would love to share my trips with you all. You may see the trip to Thailand but most of them will be in Bulgaria. I wish to travel more in Europe. Keep in touch to see my journey : )

Belogradchik Rocks

This is one of the beautiful places in Bulgaria. Here are a lot of strangely shaped sandstone. The view from the top is brilliant!

Aquapark Neptun, Sozopol

My last summer was so amazing! If you go to visit Sozopol do not miss Aquapark Neptun. Amazing place for having fun.

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