Daniel Wellington – Petite Melrose

Girl Watch, bracelet and leather strip

I have seen many influencers wearing Daniel Wellington’s watch and shown on Instagram. I fall in love with it! Now I am happy to say that I have it in my collection! After a long decision, Daniel Wellington PETITE MELROSE was my decision.

First of all, I am not a watch lover and do not have many watches in my life. I cannot make a comparison with other brands. This review only shows you what I have got for 247 €.

Let’s start!

WATCH - 159 €

Daniel Wellington Petite Melrose

Daniel Wellington - Petite Melrose
Collection                   PETITE MELROSE
Color     Rose Gold
Dial color     Black
Dial size     32mm
Strap        Mesh

The black dial color gives a more attractive look (there are black and white). For the body and mesh strap, I think Rose Gold is perfect for me and my style. I can wear it to work or a party. Anyway, there are two more options – The gold color, quite official, and the silver, that do not shine much on an outfit.

Only one thing that I was wrong. I selected 32 mm. diameter as many people said it is a perfect size for a girl. When It arrived, I think the bigger size with 36 mm. will fit more on me. Anyway, that is not a problem.

This watch is minimal and classic. I love the design that I can wear every day with every outfit! and also look elegant at the same time. I have seen other minimal designs similar to this watch but only from DW that Impressed me.


Classic Bracelet

Daniel Wellington - Classic Bracelet
Color     Rose Gold
Circumference     155mm
Material     Double plated stainless steel (316L)
Size     S

I think it is the signature of this brand. They design all accessories to match their watch. When you wear it together it is very awesome. If you do not want to miss something, I recommend you (maybe only girls) to take also the bracelet. Any style you like but please grab one!

CLASSIC COLLECTION was my selected. I ordered Rose Gold color to match with the watch. There are 4 more options If you don’t like the classic style. You can mix and match however you like.

STRAP - 39 €

Petite Sheffield Leather Strap

Daniel Wellington - Petite Shellield
Link Color                 Rose Gold
Strap Width     14mm
Material     Leather

I did not think to order an additional strap. But If someday I want to change my style. Order only strap, next time I will cost 9 € for delivery because the minimum order with free delivery is 40 €.

There are seven options for the leather strap – but I chose PETITE SHEFFIELD.

Why I chose Black? Due to the dial color is black. I think they are a perfect match! I can have one more different style to match my outfit. If you want to make the right decision and save your budget, I recommend you to have both kinds of the strap. If possible, choose a different color.


The charm of the brand is there are many options for items. I can create my own style, you can complete your outfit in the right way.

Daniel Wellington Petite Melrose is the classic model that you can wear every day with any outfit. As the brand says- “from office to rooftop party” highly recommend it.

Time to have one! Here is the official website of Daniel Wellington watches and accessories: danielwellington.com

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