The 7 Best Online Beauty Stores in Bulgaria [Part 2]

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More than 90% of the beauty products that I had this year. I purchased from online beauty stores. Where did I order? check from The 7 Best Online Beauty Stores in Bulgaria. From time to time, I found 7 more online shops that are trustable and I highly recommend them to everybody.


I have seen the Douglas store in The Mall then I found the website and start shopping online. They provide high-end brand products at a good price. I found some of my favorite brands here as well, which are hard to find from somewhere else, such as The Ordinary, The balm, Origins, etc. – Shop from Douglas


It is quite difficult if you want to shop Sephora online in Bulgaria. In their website will show only product and price but you cannot make an online purchase. You need to call them and order over the phone. Anyway, the Sephora store is located at The Mall. – Shop from Sephora

3. MY-K

This is another Asian online store that I would recommend. If you are looking for Asian skincare or cosmetic, you will love this shop. The famous Asian brand that I found from here, Innisfree, Laneige and Etude House. – Shop from My-k


Lilly stores are on every corner of the street and in every mall. It is perfect for everybody who is looking for budget beauty products. Moreover, they have every necessary home product you need! – Shop from Lilly


This is one of the most famous shops that you can find from drugstores to high-end brands. Shop now with promo code: summer – get 15% off for your order! Hope you enjoy shopping Elinor. – Shop from Elinor


Would you like to have beautiful skin like a Korean? Here you can find Korean skincare/cosmetic and other Asian brands. – Shop from Beauty Army


If you are looking for a trustable online store to order high-end cosmetics and skincare, you can purchase from here. There are stores located in Sofia, Varna, and Plovdiv. – Shop from Prettyshop

There are many good online beauty store in Bulgaria which I did not write about it. May be you will see PART 3 very soon. Since I make a lot of online purchase and I am happy to share where is the best for shopping.

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