Review: Maybelline the Falsies Lash Lift – My Best Mascara of 2020

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MY BEST MASCARA OF THE YEAR 2020― Maybelline Falsies Instant Lash Lift Mascara.

I love the foundation, lipstick, and especially MASCARA from Maybelline. As you know, they have many different types and functions of mascara, so why I chose Maybelline Falsies Instant Lash Lift to be my best mascara of the year 2020? That should be something special!

Waterproof and Non-Waterproof Mascara

First of all, you need to know that there are 2 versions of this mascara.

The first one is a WASHABLE and the second one is a WATERPROOF formula, as can be seen from the blue tap on the side of the packaging. Consider your application and choose which is perfect for you. (When I bought this I did not check about it and I grab the washable one)

The packaging is pretty! Look different from other models. It is slim and modern.

The applicator is designed with a double-curved brush. I love it so much, but I would say it is too large for lower lashes, quite hard to apply.

It makes a BIG difference! The photo below is a side-by-side of my eyes with and without this mascara. My lashes look long and wispy. It also keeps my lashes lifted all day! I have been a Maybelline Hyper Curl Waterproof Mascara lover. For now, I have my new favorite.

Anyway, do not expect volume. I applied 2-3 times but cannot build more.

With this washable formula, I have no problem with transferring to the under-eye. Only if you are trying to rub it with water, for sure it will smudge all over. I confirm that you can remove it easily with an oil-based cleanser. So do not have to worry about it.

Friendly with the budget, I would recommend it! If you are looking to purchase online, check out from The 7 Best Online Beauty Stores in Bulgaria.

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