5 Best Self-Tanning get Glowing without Sunbathing.

5 best self-tanning

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I am one of those people who likes and wants to have tanned skin. But not everyone can go to sunbathe often. The easiest way to make tanned skin is using self-tanning, not permanently tan, but it can make us a beautiful tan just overnight.

I have selected 5 of the most famous brands, guarantee that you will not be disappointed for sure.

1. Bondi Sands

Bondi Sand is a famous brand from Australia. It is my favorite brand! There are many product types, lotion, foam/mousse, or spray. Personally, I like to use foam because it is smooth and easy to spread.

The tan level I used is Dark (there are dark, ultra-dark). The skin tone I get will darker by 1-2 levels. Ultra Dark would be more suitable for white-skinned women. ━ shop the product

2. Le Tan

Another well-known brand in the self-tanning line is Le Tan. One of the most popular brands from Australia. It will give you a perfect tan. What caught my eyes is about the new model which is claims to be tan up to 10 days. I have not tried it yet but sounds very cool.

One important thing is their products are Paraben Free, and not tested with animals. Then, if you have sensitive skin, consider this brand. Not only self-tanning items but they also have a lot of sunscreen and other things.

3. Loving Tan

It is a brand from Australia but very popular in America. A ton of reviews from beauty bloggers. The most popular model is the 2HR EXPRESS because it takes only 2 hours to dry. After that, you can go out and enjoy your days, while self-tanning takes at least 4-6 hours. It is super-fast drying, might not be suitable for beginners. If you cannot blend it in time, you will get unsmooth skin color.

Do you want to invest in good self-tanning? I would recommend Loving Tan, beautiful color, fast-drying, and long-lasting. ━ shop the product

4. ST. Tropez

It is easy to find at Boots or Sephora stores. It is another brand that will not be disappointed for sure. Smell good plus long-lasting! As shown in the picture above, the white bottle is the Classic version. They also have the Express version, which takes only 1 hour for drying! That is faster than the Loving Tan above. ━ shop the product

5. Jergens

All I mentioned above are foam/mousse. You will need a grove to apply to your body. This lotion from Jergens, you will apply by hand. It will not make your skin darker immediately, but it will gradually darken after 2-3 days of use. So, this is not suitable for people who want instant tanned skin.

From my experience, based on my skin tone, it gave me a bit yellowish color. ━ shop the product


Whether it is self-tanning foam/mousse, lotion, or spray. Must have an item to buy together is a glove! We have to prevent not using our hands to touch the product. Otherwise, our hands will be tanned as well.

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