Review: My Favorite MIXA Skincare Items

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When the winter arrived, here are the best items that can treat my dry skin from cracking and itching. I would love to share it with everyone who has the same problem just like me.

You can find the Mixa brand at every DM drugstore. After doing some research, I found that Mixa created as the French pharmacy brand in 1924. Almost a hundred years! That’s so interesting and I would like to give it a try. Let’s do it!


24hr Light Moisturizing - Balancing Face Cream

Mixa Face Cream

Mixa balancing face cream is formulated under medical supervision. Contained 10% glycerin and shea butter to protect skin from drying out. Perfect for winter! Even it showed that this product is ALCOHOL-FREE, but you can see perfume/fragrance as one of the ingredients. So please you should be aware if you have a perfume allergy before buying it.

Actuality, my skin type is the combination, but my skin felt very dry during the winter, so I decided to choose this one (for very dry skin) to heal my dry skin. From the cream texture, I thought it would be heavy but I can say that it is light and absorb into my skin very quickly after using it. In my case, it really helps to heal my skin very well.

Mixa Face Cream Texture

I only use this product at night, and then I wake up with hydrated skin in the morning. Anyway, its texture is too heavy for daytime. When I tried to apply the cream before make-up a couple of times, my eyelids got oily after 6-8 hours. And sure, I will not blame the product because I chose the one which is not for my skin type.


Hyalurogel - Intensive Hydrating Milk

Mixa Body Lotion

Same as the face cream above, the product is formulated under medical supervision and hypoallergenic.

Before I decided to take the Mixa Moisturizing face cream, I have been tried this lotion for a few months. I like the milk body lotion because it softens my skin – and yes, this Mixa Intensive Hydrating Milk lotion is here to save my life.

As shown on the packaging for 48hr Intensive Hydration, I cannot believe that any lotion in the world can protect your skin from dehydration for 48hr in one time use. For me, I need to apply it at least 2 times a day to keep my skin hydrated.

Mixa Body Lotion

After using it, I like this lotion because it is easy to apply and absorbed into my skin very well. My skin felt smooth and its scent makes my body smell nice! It is quite a good option for skincare in cold weather/winter.

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Mixa 24 HR Moisturizing Anti-Dryness Cream with 10% Glycerin and Shea Butter 50ml.


Mixa Intensive Hydrating Milk Hyalurogel - Moisturizing Body Lotion 400ml.

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